Coaching Services

We love working with businesses to help them reach their data goals! We are creative and very thorough when it comes to developing data strategies that will take your business to the next level. Take a look at the packages below, and then schedule a discovery call so we can learn about you and your business!

full time coaching

Our full time coaching package is for businesses that are ready to take their business to the next level by designing and implementing a data strategy. This package includes:

  • bi-weekly 1-hour coaching sessions - in-person (if local) or teleconference

  • Guidance designing a custom data strategy for your business

  • Help implementing your data infrastructure

  • Training session for your business employees to encourage a data-driven business culture

part time coaching

Our part time coaching package is for businesses that may already have a data strategy, but need some guidance on how they can best implement it. This package includes:

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions - in person (if local), or teleconference

  • Evaluation of your existing data strategy, and ideas on how you can improve it

  • Strategies that will help you implement the existing data strategy for your business

1-on-1 coaching session

The 1-on-1 coaching sessions are for businesses who have their data strategy and are implementing it, but who need a little help overcoming some obstacles they are facing. This will include:

  • One 2-hour coaching session where we tackle your major obstacles to utilizing your data effectively - in person (if local), or teleconference

  • Clients who choose this option will fill out a form before our coaching session outlining the obstacles they are facing, so that we can get right to work during the session!

"Make sure you bring your recording device or paper and pencils, because coaching with Rachel + Winfree is always very insightful and productive.

They have the uncanny ability to hone in on the root of your data problems and give several viable strategies to resolve them. I enjoy my coaching sessions, and refer back to my notes again and again. You will too!

Rachel + Winfree is the best kept secret weapon for small businesses.”

Laketia C.

Membership Packages

Our membership packages provide business owners a community of like-minded entrepreneurs where they can discuss data topics, get feedback, and meet other business owners who are on their journey to becoming Data Masters as well! Our memberships also include features like an exclusive Facebook group, monthly live classes, and discounts on all future data courses. Check out the packages below to see which membership is right for your business!


monthly membership $75/month

Our monthly membership package includes:

  • 30% off all future Data Courses

  • Access to the Members-only Data Translator Facebook community

  • Monthly live classes on different data topics

  • Monthly Data Challenges (With prizes!)

  • Quarterly week-long Data Masterclasses

yearly Membership $550/year

Our yearly membership package includes:

  • All of the Monthly Membership package features, PLUS…

  • Access to quarterly video group coaching sessions

Premium Yearly Membership $1000/year

Our Premium yearly membership includes:

  • All of the Yearly Membership package features, PLUS…

  • Yearly 1-on-1 data coaching session for your business

“Rachel + Winfree helped me analyze data and apply it to my business in order to better understand my return on investment. I highly recommend them!”
— Jasmine Sweet, Blogger and Social Media Entrepreneur

Still not sure?

Schedule a discovery call with us! A Discovery Call is a 30-min call where we learn about your business and the challenges you are facing to determine if Rachel + Winfree would be a good fit for you! This call is absolutely FREE, and you are not obligated to retain services in any way.