Leveling the Playing Field!

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Rachel + Winfree Consulting is a data analytics consulting firm that believes that equal access to data driven discovery is a right, not a privilege! We provide coaching, Cheat Sheets, Data Kits, and online courses on various data tools and concepts to give business owners like you the knowledge and confidence you need to turn your data into insights that can take your business to the next level!


Our Services

Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge you need to analyze your own data, but as you act on that data, and your business grows, you won’t have time for that anymore! In this case, you may need to use our other services. We provide cloud computing/data storage, dashboard management, Infrastructure builds, and more to make sure that your data needs are met!

Why Do You Need Us?

The field of Data Science is vast, and full of technical terms and jargon that can leave many people confused and overwhelmed! Until now, only large companies with deep pockets could afford a team of data scientists who could analyze and visualize business data. No longer! Rachel + Winfree is here to help you gain the skills you need to become your own Data Master! Turn your data into insights that empower you to make the right decisions for your business!


Rachel + Winfree provides 1-on-1 coaching packages to give business owners specific guidance that will help them reach their data goals! We also provide membership subscription packages that provide members with a supportive community of like-minded business owners, and special perks!


Join the Data Nation!

Our new podcast Data Tea is live! Data Tea is a weekly podcast where we are giving you real data and all the juicy details about it, as well as how it affects your money, status, health, love, and life! Join us each Friday for a new episode!

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.”
— Suhail Doshi
“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”
— W. Edwards Deming