RW Business Startup Data Strategy Package

RW Business Startup Data Strategy Package

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Got a great business idea, but don’t know where to start to get it off the ground? Rachel + Winfree can help! We have put together a comprehensive business startup package that allows your business to be data-driven from the start! View the product page to see what this package includes.

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The Business Startup Data Strategy Package takes place in 3 phases:

  1. Startup – Website revamp, Social media revamp

    This phase includes :
    Website/ Website revamp – Migrating DNS, Managing MX records, Pushing files to the live environment, Running critical systems tests pre-launch, reviewing live site for bugs, large issues, etc., Informing of site launch, editing, etc.

    Social Media revamp - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, IG, social media campaign, management tools, etc.

  2. Launch – Brand relaunch, Production, Data Strategy, Mobile Responsiveness Improvements

    This phase includes:

    Branding Launch - Including advertising, funnel, SEO, landing page, mobile application if desired

    Production – Video Editing, theme-based website project, Design, Content Formatting, Content Generation,

  3. Post Launch - Disseminate Project Information to Team, Meetings, and Collaboration, Project Management, Testing, Debugging, and evaluation, Systems Setup

    This phase includes:

    Data Strategy – SEO planning, code repository, Serving / Hosting / DNS Environment Setup, Programming, coding (slicing images), data-driven discovery, CMS, CRM planning, KPI planning, Dashboard planning, data training and coaching

When all 3 phases are completed, you are ready to go! Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on your vision and passion! The Business Startup Package takes approximately 3 months to complete. Full details will be in the contract once payment is made.